Chester Yawl Manual-unclear about frames

On page 39 under the heading of Finishing the Seams and Coating the Exterior I am told to "Pull all remaining wires at this point" and section ends up with filling all the holes and epoxy coating the outside of the hull. So far, so good......

However, on page 46 at the beginning of Glassing the Interior I am I strutted to "Mark the position of the frames on the planks and remove the two frames completely from the boat." In between I between pages 39 and 46 the tank interiors get glasses and the run rails are installed, all through this the pictures show the frames in place.

Was I supposed to leave them wired in place and epoxy coat the wires? If not , what is holding them in place now? What about the bulkheads, are they supposed to be in place now? How do I install the rub rail without the frames and bulkheads to give the hull it's correct shape? The pictures show the tanks being glassed with the bulkhead in place, how do they get glued in? When? 

 Thenext step is called Filleting the Frames and Interior, so I guess it gets done then, but why is it filleted after the fiberglass in the tanks is epoxied to it? If they get removed why not tell us?  This sort of thing is maddening.... I cannot see why such obvious I clarifies are still being printed and sold.


 I will muddle along and all will eventually end up OK, but really........ After how many years selling this kit?

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RE: Chester Yawl Manual-unclear about frames

Sorry for the misspellings: the system here is only barely compatible with my iPad and I cannot edit here.

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