skeg kit?

i happened to be on the guillemot site and they indicated they had plans for a skeg ....but that the kit was available at CLC.

i think this is the same design that is used on the petrel.  is it buyable as a stand-alone to retro-fit or add to another design?

i can only find a skeg kit on the CLC site that is the old one that went through the deck as well as the hull.



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RE: skeg kit?

I purchased the skeg kit for my Petrel.  You will have to call and ask about it.  With a little head scratching, and a little phone support, it is installed and works very well.  Setting it off center keeps sand and debris from jamming it.  I found with just a little skeg showing, makes a big difference in the tracking.

RE: skeg kit?  

Here is a good brakedown of a skeg in progress


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