Lashings instead of pintles

  I saw this on another site and thought it might be useful food for thought. Perhaps for the new beach proa?  

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RE: Lashings instead of pintles

I saw that article, too. One thing he didn't mention was the type of line. Not only does it have to have lots of tensile strength, but it must be able to stand up to constant immersion, not stretch, not be bothered by water organisms and handle the occasional soaking in the various fluids that show up in the water (fuel, oil, etc.).

He also couldn't find where the lashing was discussed on the boat manufacturer's website, so I guess he never noticed the "search" function they have on their page. Putting in "rudder lashings" brought up a bunch of discussion.

My only concern with the method is that the time to rig and down-rig should be much shorter than the available sailing time. Pintles and gudgeons take seconds vs. double-digit minutes. Other than that, looks interesting.

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