Mahogany for gunwales?

I'm building the 12' Sassafras and would like to use mahogany for the gunwales, but I don't know if it will easily bend to the hull w/o steam heating first. Has anyone  used mahogany for such purpose?

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RE: Mahogany for gunwales?

I've used mahogany to change the gunwales on my wherry without steam bending. I used strips that were about 1"x1" and LOTS of clamps. I also made the gunwale an 'open gunwale' by adding shorter spacers of white ash. I'll try to add two photos of my wherry. One with my son and grandson out on the lake and another on my lawn with a skin on frame kayak I also built. Hope this helps. 

Sorry the image inserting procedure is obtuse.

The remember the smaller size wood strips can be doubled up with epoxy to glue them together to achieve the size desired and the multiple layers make the gunwale MUCH stronger.



RE: Mahogany for gunwales?

Appreciate your response. Sounds like something I'd like to do.....get the constrasting wood effect. The last gunwales I installed were Sitka Spruce, they bent w/ a little effort and I hoped they didn't get away from me and slap me into the wall. Again lot of clamps.     Thanks

RE: Mahogany for gunwales?

Hi Jon...we used mahogany for the rubrails on a Millcreek 16.5.  No need to steam when cut as shown. How thick were you looking to make them?


RE: Mahogany for gunwales?

Thickness on gunwales.........probably no more than 3/4". I'm guessing that should be OK.

RE: Mahogany for gunwales?

   The gunwale on a boat is the upper edge of the boat's sides, where the hull and the deck meet. It is often pronounced "gunnel" and is an important structural feature of the boat that provides support for the deck and helps to keep water from entering the vessel.

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