Sanding questions

Hey all,

I'm getting closer to the finishing portion of my build on a CLC 17.  I have a couple of questions on this I'm hoping folks can help out with:

  1. I have more then a few epoxy drips on my hull (sigh).  Should I take a furniture scraper to these and then move to 120 grit sandpaper on the hull, or should I skip the scraper and start at maybe an 80 grit instead?  I'm a little worried about sanding through to the glass if I start with 80 grit (not necessarily where the drips are, but near them where my sanding disc will also hit while working on the drips)

  2. I put an extra rub strip (just fiberglass) on my bow and stern, and that, combined with the overlap of the deck glass on the hull - how do I feather those into the hull?  Should I expect to sand into the (top layer) glass a little bit to get a smooth edge, and have to recover with a bit more epoxy?  Or should I expect a ridge where the top layer of fiberglass ends?



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RE: Sanding questions

i would use your scrapers as much as possible on the drips.  80 if it is in a large area, but I would stick to the 120, just go at it longer.  You should be able to feather the overlaps too - first using the scraper to take out any high spots and then sanding it all flush. try not to sand much into the flat glass as that defeats the purpose of having it.   expect to recoat a little with more epoxy, just dont let it drip again!  You should not see any lap marks, it should all be flush, If you cant get it perfect you can build up a new coat of epoxy on the side that has less glass, in other words, even up the lap.  Then sand with 120 or 220 before you start your finishing.  good luck with the finishing!  Love my 17!  It paddles great!


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