Captains Varnish amd PM

My final coats of varnish on my PM have been kicking my butt!!

I have varnished for over 50 years and never had such a problem.

I started with Scooner and it is a good varnish. Problem was gelling in the can.

Was having hard time getting nice final coats.


Changed over to my old stand by Captains 1015. No problem with gell or skin over in the can. 


My biggest problem is getting the darn stuff to stop running and holidays on vertical surfaces.  I just cannot seem to solve it this time.


I have used badger hair brushes, foam, roll and tip etc etc.


It is ok on the flats but the inside verticals I keep having to sand and redo.


I am thinkin it might just bee too smooth and not enough tooth.  Will try dropping back to 225 grit and see if I can get a finsih coat to stop running and holidays.



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