selling boat

i've been trying to sell a mill creek 16 for months now ive done craigs list , the clc want adds and some local kayak clubs , any other suggestions?

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RE: selling boat

you could also post on

they have a classified section.

fwiw, the winter is often a tough time to move a boat.     a couple other ideas:

- make sure your posting has pictures or links to pictures

- pricing is important.  unless you are an expert craftsman, doing much better than the price of the kit itself is difficult.   that said, dropping your price below a certain threshold often does not help.  you need to find somebody who wants a mill-creek

- consider posting in multiple craigslists areas with strong boating sections.

- constantly re-post to keep your advert at the top of the list.

- be realistic about the condition/craftsmanship.   if your work is not highly competent....may be difficult to sell.

- advertise the boat by using it/letting people see it in action.

think about whatever feedback you are getting and respond to what it tells you:

if getting no are not posting it to the right place or you have something in the advert that is making it a non-starter (e.g., unrealistic price or pictures that show a boat in poor or unapealing condition).

if getting calls but can't close a deal.....maybe not realistic about price or condition is not what people expect.



RE: selling boat

I think these boats are tough to sell because the main reason people buy the kits if because they want to build their own boat.  Most I have seen on Craigslist were for asking prices less than the cost of a new kit. 


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