Mast partner ne dory

In the manual for the lug rig it says that the hole for the mast to be 2 inches square. At another place besides the description of making that hole, it says 2,5 inches square. Since the mast is 57mm square, I think 2,5 is right. Has anybody seen this before? 

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RE: Mast partner ne dory

I noticed that, so with the partner in place, I placed the mast in front of it and a bit off the floor, marked the point up the mast where it made contact, took the mast dimensions at that point, and cut the hole in the partner a bit large to allow for a leather buffer.  I think it did come out to 2.5.  Don't want too tight a fit or its hard to pull out after a sail.  The leather helps.

RE: Mast partner ne dory


Great info...I too am going to do leather on the mast partner, and plan to put leather on the mast step also (unless there's a reason not to).  It would be great to see how you did your leather for the mast.  Do you have an easy way to post a picture of the leather work you did for the mast?


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RE: Mast partner ne dory

Thanks for info. I will wait until the boat is finished, and then complete the mast partner . Leather sounds fine, as it is traditional and can be made pretty. I`m building from plans and is making all the ekstra things before I start with the boat. I wonder  what height on the mast is it surrounded by the mast partner?

RE: Mast partner ne dory

2-1/2" is ideal and gives room for a bit of leather to cut down on wear at the partner.  How the 2-inch measurement crept into the drawings I have no idea.

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