Chester Yawl forward and aft seats modifications.

Due to the following compounded errors (first boat assembly or woodworking project, ever for me), I suspect the interior area visible between the breast hook and bow seat might be an eyesore (I cut the gains on the wrong side of the port planks, which I corrected by epoxying popsicle sticks with wood flour/epoxy mix, sanding the lot flush and re-cutting the gains on the proper side/not worried about outside as it will be painted, but with a bright interior, the inner hull is a concern ...). That "fix" is now visible under the breast hook and above the bow seat. In addition, I made the inner stem fillet way to thick, causing the seat pointy end to no longer fit in the bow, so that I now have to cut the pointy end of the seat off, in order to epoxy it flush against said inner fillet.


So ... What if I cut a rectangular piece of okoume ply, slightly wider than the breast hook width behind the offending botched gains, extending vertically the height between the seat and breast hook and if I cupped it and epoxied it in place, sandwiched between the breast hook and bow seat so that it would create sort of an esthetically pleasing curved boxed area masking the earlier mentioned "fixes?" Any thoughts from all of you talented woodworking/boat making experts? I apologize for the verbiage as it is easier to look at a picture than describe it in words.

Where the aft seat supposedly meets the transom (I aligned the bulkheads and frames using the floor boards and shims, as the strict measurements along the outwales did not provide proper seating of the frames and bulkheads against the planks; result: gap between seat and transom), I have a wide (2") gap that would be ugly if I filleted it with 2" peanut butter seam. I could add a strip of okoume with two seams (not really pleasing) or cut a new seat out of okoume. I also thought of gluing bead and cove strips, lengthwise over the seat length but that adds complexity of its own. Do you guys/gals have a better, easier or more creative solution?

Thank you in advance!


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