dory for everglades challenge

 what do you guys think of using a ne  dory for the water tribe everglades challenge ? and sloop or lug rig for same?

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RE: dory for everglades challenge

   Just looked at a NE Dory outfitted for the Everglades Challenge a couple of weeks ago. They used the lug rig because of it's ease in setting up and stowing. Also had cup holders installed. I think there are a couple more already being used for the EC.

George K

RE: dory for everglades challenge

Our friend Neil Calore (aka Leatherlungs) has been campaigning his NE Dory in these events for some time. Here are some old posts from our News section about his campaigns. He's currently part of a two-man team campaigning in the Ultimate Florida Challenge, but if you can catch up with him, he's a fountain of useful information.

RE: dory for everglades challenge

Neil has a lot of great videos on You Tube also...for example:

I've paused his videos, hit screen print, and paste into Word to remember things I want to do on my Dory...for example, double reef sail and rigging, and pool noodles for rolling the boat on shore and floatation

Plus, you may have seen these....not Everglades but ideas for camping in a dory:


And the second one:

RE: dory for everglades challenge

   still in the dreaming stages , but definetly getting the dory with the lug rig . just gotta a couple small steps before the race [ namely build boat , learn to sail, learn to row etc] still at least 2 years away.

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