Sharpie rig

I'm thinking of rigging the Sharpie similar to the Pocket Ship.  Gaff rig, with a tabernacle to help stow and raise the masts. But unstayed, without jib and without the jet-ski skewer ;-)

Those of you who've built or sailed this boat, or built other gaffers, what's your opinion?

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RE: Sharpie rig

Camper, I don't have any experience with this, but it does sound like an interresting proposition.  You mentioned 'masts' as plural, so you would have twin gaff rigs?  I like the idea of the lower CE, and the smaller mizzen which is great for heaving to, while taking care of other business.

I don't think that I would bother with tabernacles, because these masts and booms would be short and light, and easy to stow when trailering. 

Here is the Herreshoff Coquina (by Doug Hylan)


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