Laminating Northeaster Bulkheads

Anybody know of any particular reason I can't use a brad nailer to secure the doublers to the bulkheads instead of clamping? I started with the aft bulkhead and put in two brads just to keep things from moving around during clamping. It occurred to me though, that it would be much easier to just run some brads around the perimeter of the doubler rather than clamping. Plus cleaning up the squeeze out would be easier without clamps in the way. Any thoughts?

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RE: Laminating Northeaster Bulkheads

That'll work, just make sure the doublers are in exactly the right position when you put in the brads. The bulkhead faces will get a couple coats of epoxy so the brads should be sealed well enough not to rust eventually. 


George K

RE: Laminating Northeaster Bulkheads

  What you are describing is the old tack and tape (aka screw and glue) technique utilized by Dynamite Payson and Phil Bolger.  I built a Birdwatcher that way.  All the nails (I used ring nails) do his hold the pieces together until the glue dries, just like clamps.  George K is right that the pieces want to slide around.  To help prevent that, get a few nails started on one piece so the head is just poking through and will grab the adjoining piece.  Also, if the piece to be attached is narrow, like a gunnel or rail, pre-drill to prevent spitting.  Have fun!

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