ne dory for expedition races

in going to buidl a ne dory and would like some suggestion on what might be changed or beefed up a bit for expedition padddling.

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RE: ne dory for expedition races

   im considering  making the oarlock risers stronger and curious what type of rigging for a lug sail . i definetly want reefs in the sail. i also see an upgraded rigging kit with a track for the sail but i think thats for a sloop sail.

RE: ne dory for expedition races

   Nobody jumping in here, guess I will....

There are a lot of good discussions on this in this forum, here's one:  And, if you havent already, you can spend a few hours watching the Neil Calore videos on You Tube for ideas.  (Did you see the video of the broken riser?  Maybe that's what gave you the thought about beefing them up?  You may also consider not using risers at all)

Suggest adding the inner rail..CLC sells the materials as an option.,...if you do inner rails, that may impact which oar lock sockets you use and whether you use a riser or not.

More good videos...on the CLC NE Dory page, click videos, then the ones by Boatymoon are great.

There also are a couple paragraphs on the main page for the NE Dory about the virtues of the lug rig.

Put the word "reef" in the search box above, some good threads there too.

Simplicity in rigging is a must for me, so slide tracks and the sloop rig loose in that discussion for me, and even jiffing reefing on the lug rig can be simplified with single lines on the tack and clew.  Suggest ordering the sail with two sets of reef points.

here's my photo journal..(realize, unlike you,  I'm a first time builder)

Good luck! 

Curt 830/997-8120

RE: ne dory for expedition races

   Hey, Greg:


Earlier this month, a Northeaster Dory won  Category 4 (single hull sailboat, one male) in the 2014 Everglades Challenge. You may be able to contact "Deke", who raced it, for his ideas. Go to

Build that boat.


RE: ne dory for expedition races

   reviving this thread as the boats in the mail! i'm new to sailing so any advice on rigging and such would be apperciated , im getting the lug rig and  kick up rudder


RE: ne dory for expedition races

   as for lug rig options, that can wait awhile, though if you are going to do the expedition races you HAVE to have two (not just one) reef points. The actual running rigging is something you can play with once you get in the water, dont sweat it now.


as to the risers, in my experience this depends a great deal on how tall you are. I am 6 3 and without risers it is NOT a comfortable row at all. I will be installing them this Spring.  but if I were about 3 inches less tall I bet they would be fine without risers. My knees get in the way as it is, so I need the extra height on the oar pivot point.




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