Fillet forming tip from Duckworks

  This looks like a very good way to form fillets, especially in hard to access or obstructed areas.

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Anyway here's it is:

 The tip was to use round balls on a stick instead of a flat tool. This lets you form nice fillets even around structure.

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RE: Fillet forming tip from Duckworks

How about this one?!/~/product/category=2248940&id=27258267



RE: Fillet forming tip from Duckworks

The thing to keep in mind about forming fillets is that the point is to make a smoothly curved surface for the glass tape to lay on. If the radius of the curve is too wide, you're wasting epoxy. If the radius is too narrow, the glass will bubble and pull away.

A good rule of thumb is a 5/8" radius (about the size of a US 5-cent coin) for 9 oz glass. Larger radius for heavier glass, smaller for lighter.

The marble balls in the Duckworks article are too big and will result in heavier fillets and excessive epoxy use. But the idea is sound.


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RE: Fillet forming tip from Duckworks

   Lastly, it depends upon what size boat you are building. For instance 27' Tolman Skiff or  25' Bluejacket will use a larger fillet than a CLC kit. The heavier cloth needs a larger radius and on a larger boat the bigger radius looks appropriate too. For a small radius, use a small drawer knob for a bigger one use a billiard ball!

RE: Fillet forming tip from Duckworks

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