Kaholo skeg

The Kaholo manual mentions an epoxy build up on the edge of the skegs (I'm building from plans), but there is no mention of how to do this. Can somebody help me out with a tip here?



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RE: Kaholo skeg

   I built skegs as well from plans. First I laminated and shaped the wood, leaving a square edge where the epoxy build up was to go. Then I just made a  little dam with packing tape and put some cell o fill on one side and let it cure and then flipped it over and did the other side. Then I had enough material to  shape the leading edge with a belt sander.I also glassed the fins. They turned out very nice. 

If I did it again I would make a sort of halo mold with spare tape coated ply so that I could get all the epoxy needed in the first pour and then be on to shaping.


RE: Kaholo skeg


Can you provide some pics or drawings of what you mean?


RE: Kaholo skeg

   I built two a few years ago and I recall that I just used epoxy thickened with wood flour to make a fillit around the base.  This is done after "tack' welding the skegs in their positions and letting that cure.  Then put a nice fillit around the base of the skegs.  After that cures, I sanded them nice and smooth and then layed up two laminations about two inches up the skeg and two out on the bottom.  That all gets feathered out with epoxy and blended into the skegs and bottom before finishing.  It gives the skegs a nice flow and are super strong.  We used to glass surfboard fins using a rope of glass at the base like a fillit and then glassing up and out the same way.  The surfboard fins take a ton more stress than a paddle board.  Good luck!  The boards are great!

RE: Kaholo skeg

   oh, I thought you meant at the base!  too early this morning!  you will get a bead on both edges when you laminate your wood fins.  You do a layer of glass on each side and let the glass overhang, then trim the glass back to about an eight  inch to the leading and trailing edges.  that is the bead.  you will be able to see through the bead when finished.  this gives the skeg a nice foil and added strength.

RE: Kaholo skeg

I just put some photos on photobucket here:




If you are not able to see these let me know and I will try something else.


Fins are sexy! 

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