Drilled a hole at bulkhead

Hi all:

I've accidentally drilled a hole for my deck line guides right at the bulkhead.  Yes, the deck and hull are assembled. It's been varnished. Everything is ready to go in the water, except this one problem.

The screw pops through the deck right along the bulkhead.  There's nothing grabbing the screw so there's nothing to hold it down and I can't get a nut in from the underside because of the bulkhead.

Any suggestions to fix my blunder?



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RE: Drilled a hole at bulkhead

   Perhaps you can shape a small block of wood to fit relatively closely to the deck / fillet / bulkhead junction.  Then glue it in with thickended epoxy.  This would provide backing for a screw using the drill / fill / drill approach.

Alternatively, fill the hole, redrill an inch away. (obviously would have to match on the other side.  If fill matches, no one will ever notice but you. Alternatively contrast the fill and call it a decoration.

I seriously doubt it will affect the way the boat paddles which is really what counts.

Ed. (owner of 3 imperfect but enjoyable kayaks.)




RE: Drilled a hole at bulkhead


I can't trll from your post if that's a blind hole or if you have access. If you have access, Ed's suggestion is perfect. If it's a blind hole, plug it with a dowel coated with thickend epoxy. When it cures, out the screw in that.

Good luck,



RE: Drilled a hole at bulkhead


Thanks for the suggestions.

I an access the hole from the underside of the deck. The fact that the hole is right at the very edge of the bulkhead and the drill bit even grazed a slight "channel" in the bulkhead seems to complicate the problem. 

If I use thickened epoxy to glue a wood block to the underside of the deck, the fillet and that channel from the bit will end up leaving space that will not be occupied by wood.  I'm thinking that the screw will actually just grab the thickened epoxy rather than actual wood.  Would a wood screw hold in just thickened epoxy? 

Thanks as always for the help!


RE: Drilled a hole at bulkhead

Yes, a wood screw will hold very well in thickened epoxy.   

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