Using sand on the floor?

I'm sure someone has done this. Just looking for some advise on the best way to go about it.

I was planning on sprinkling some sand at some point in the cockpit to give the flooring some grip. Would it be best to coat the floor with epoxy and then sprinkle sand or wait till I put a coat of varnish down and then sprinkle the sand?

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RE: Using sand on the floor?

   I've used sand and polycarbonate powder for nonskid compounds. Based on those experiences, I wouldn't use either for anything I'd be sitting on. Too painful. My favorite solution now is Seadek. It's a lot more comfortable to sit on and easier on the skin.



RE: Using sand on the floor?

   I met a guy with a CLC sailboat (dont even remember what it was now) at the lake that had put sand on the bottom in the last coat of epoxy and I'm not so sure he was pleased with it.  It seemed like it would be hard on his knees, but also it made the surface hard to clean mud/clay out that gets brought in on shoes//feet.   I just installed my Sea Dek material in my dory this week and am very pleased with it.  I havent had it in the water yet, but from just seeing it in the boat and feeling the texture, I'm glad I didnt do sand.  The Sea Dek is a good investment and the material is custom cut by the CLC CNC machines so it's a perfect fit...

RE: Using sand on the floor?

Edit...forgot to include a link to a picture of the SeaDek installed this week in my Dory:   

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