Self adhesive plans?

I've built a CLC kit in the past (Patuxent) and am looking at buying plans for another boat. What I don't get is why the plans still require lofting? Why not just have it plotted to a 4' wide piece of self-adhesive vinyl, or at least to a continuous roll of paper? We're talking about  long-proven technology  at a reasonable price point.



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RE: Self adhesive plans?

Here's my thoughts:

1. The plans already exist in current form. Converting them to self-adhesive would cost money which would raise the prices for everyone.

2. I don't know about you, but I find it a heck of a lot easier to transfer measurements from paper plans to wood than to wrestle a 4-foot wide and 16-foot long (or longer) piece of sticky vinyl with the assistance of 3 cats.

3. Paper changes shape and size depending on humidity, temperature, etc. Numbers on a piece of paper remain the same unless something more drastic than a weather change happens.

And just because I'm a pedantic sort, no CLC plans need lofting. They are already pre-lofted and the resulting measurements are what's on the plans, ready to be transferred to wood.

Maybe you should consider the kits, which need no measurements transferred?

Just had a thought, how about if we get CLC to put a sharpie in their CNC machine instead of the router bit? Not only would it be cheaper, but it would skip the process of manually transferring any measurements. Just buy the wood with all the lines pre-drawn. John, if you do this I want a cut of the profits :-)





RE: Self adhesive plans?

   Most of the newer plans come with full sized patterns on 3 foot wide rolls. I don't know all of them but the Wood Ducks and Shearwaters, for example come with patterns. The older plans have smaller drawings with measurements at one foot increments. Both are easy enough, if you want to go with plans. Good Luck, JRC

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