Northeaster Rudder Pix?

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm having a hard time visualizing what the rudder is supposed to look like. And actually it's not the rudder per se, it's the linkage arms. Distance pix of the boat in action don't show much detail and the instructions are too close up for my brain. If anyone has any construction or finished boat pix of this subassembly, please post em.


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RE: Northeaster Rudder Pix?

I see there were no replies...did you since get your dory rudder figgured out?

RE: Northeaster Rudder Pix?

No replies yet MC. Any thoughts/suggestions?


RE: Northeaster Rudder Pix?

   I don't have a way to host photos but send me an email and I'll send you a few photos.  I'm putting my NE Dory in the water tomorrow.


tim dot broyer at gmail dot com

RE: Northeaster Rudder Pix?

One thing I noticed is the value in pre-fitting the smaller side pieces prior to actual assembly.  For example, first glue the two rudder halves together, and when you clamp them make sure they line up exactly with each other,then let those cure.  The next day, sand the edges smooth, but  before you glue on the 2 smaller pieces, make sure the tiller slips over the top of the rudder halves.  Some sanding may be required to fit.   Then clamp side pieces on the rudder so they come right up under the tiller, note, and mark, where the pieces line up, remove the tiller, and glue the side pieces on per your marks.

Curt  830/997-8120  [email protected]

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