Fiberglass damaged while sanding!!!!

I was sanding down the kayak getting ready to move on to the varnish stage. I was trying to get a uniform haze and get rid of the little shiny spots of epoxy that remained. Then a piece of fiberglass from along the edge between the hull and the deck came off. It is about a 1/4 of an inch wide and 2 inches long. I have a photo of it but I have zero chance of being able to post it on this forum.

How to I go about fixing this? Can I just epoxy over the damage spot? Do I need to put a fiberglass patch down?

Lazlo- any chance I could get your e-mail? I have more questions that I don't feel the manual really adresses. I be willing to pay for your expertice.

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RE: Fiberglass damaged while sanding!!!!

You can just paint it with epoxy, but there will be a slight color difference. A small glass patch will fix it without the color change and you should be able to feather it in so it will be invivsible.

I never charge fellow hobbyists for my advice, that way it's worth triple what they pay for it.

Have you tried the CLC phone or e-mail support? Not only do they have more experience than I do, but you already paid for it when you bought your kit. Also, based on your questions, they will update the kits and manuals to solve widespread problems so you will be helping the entire community.

If after reading this you still feel the need to e-mail me, let me know and I'll give you an e-mail address.

Good luck,




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