Building is teaching.

We are building kayaks with the boyscout troop and I am hooked.  I am having a great time building my boat, but more important is the fun I am having teaching the scouts how to use the tools in order to turn plywood into beautiful boats.  These kids are doing an amazing job, and this is a lot more fulfilling than the typical "Highschool Shop Class" book ends that they have had to endure.  The enthusiasm really kicks in when that bunch of flat wood gets spread out and starts to take shape as the wires are applied.  The next spike comes when the glass is applied to the hulls and they can see what the color and grain will look like.  Then another peak when the deck goes on and the beautiful curves show themselves for the first time.  We are scheduled to go to Canada on a 7 day trip through the lakes there.  I am hooked good!

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RE: Building is teaching.

good for you,keep up the good work

RE: Building is teaching.

That is great. I have a Den of Webelos and I was thinking the same thing. But they are to young (4th graders)(maybe "Peace canoe) and the kits are pricey for an activity. Which model are you building? Where are you located (would be great if th eWebelos could check this out).



RE: Building is teaching.

We are building kayaks that are similar to the Chesapeak 17.  They are not from kits but from scratch.  Still, we use the stitch and glue methods and I have ordered all of my hardware here.

  We are in Montana. 

The beauty of these projects is that the adults can interact with the kids.  If parent and child worked together I think anyone could build a stitch and glue boat that they can be proud of. 

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