Removable CenterBoard for a Chester Yawl (any boat, really).

Hello all,


As I am near completion of my Chester Yawl (more finish work), I would like to outfit it with (in addition to oar locks for rowing and the removable Torqeedo motor for motoring, a sailing rig with centerboard. I would like the option to row, motor or sail it, without cluttering the boat.. 

Why? Because I can and I like the idea of the project. I might finish it first, launch it, then come back and do the mods.

I can live with the mast step and partner on the forward bulkhead. I like the idea of a centerboard as opposed to daggerboard and would like to make it removable (trunk and board) so that when rowing the floorboards are clear.

My thought is to build the centerboard trunk and attach it to the hull but cut it off at floorboard level and attach it permanently to the floorboards, which would also be permanently epoxied to the hull. The upper part of the trunk would fit in on top when needed. The two mating parts of the CB trunk would be joined together with a gasket (to prevent water) and a compression plate bolted to the other end (to add strength and pressure to mating area).  Since I would make it the pivot-less board mounted on rollers, the whole CB would come out, too. I would create a "simple" rectangular plate/plug with gasket to fit in flush when the upper trunk is removed.

 My questions are:

1 where is the optimum placement of the board on the CY? Immediately behind the number 1 frame?

2 how long and wide a board would I need on the CY?

(the board I am contemplating is sketched as a symmetrical NACA 0012 foil at 43" long, by 10" wide and the trunk is 45" by 14" tall where the rollers go / I only have 36" between frames on the CY)

3 Has anyone done that or similar, and if so would you care to share in the idea?

Thank you all in advance for your input!


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RE: Removable CenterBoard for a Chester Yawl (any boat, really).

   there is a guy that did this and he has poted a short film of his doing some sailiang and he has posted his dimensions of various part of the rig.  see


This shoould give you a good start




RE: Removable CenterBoard for a Chester Yawl (any boat, really).

Thanks, David!

I have indeed found Andy's page with his CY "Tinef" and it does indeed provide a good starting point. His has a daggerboard behind number 1 frame. I have contacted Andy to find out more details.


the mod I am really interested in is a removable centerboard whereas the whole part of the trunk above the floorboards can be removed or added back, as needed. The centerboard itself being pivot less and mounted on rollers "simply" slides out, leaving a slit in the floorboards that I would close with a flush gasket/plug combination.


Thanks much for your response, David!





RE: Removable CenterBoard for a Chester Yawl (any boat, really).

A removable centerboard sounds reasonable to me, but I'm a little leery of a removable centerboard well.

The well needs to be watertight and is a primary structural member. When you are broad reaching, with the wind coming directly from the side of the boat, the well is the mechanism that transmits the entire lateral force to the centerboard. I know you'll be helped by the fact that the CY is a light boat and won't be able to carry much sail, but it's going to take some careful design when you have a structural member under that much stress to keep it from leaking.

Maybe a leeboard might be a better solution?

Have fun,



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