More varnish or not?

I have two seasons of a moderate number of paddles on my auk 17. Last winter I decided that that I needed to touch up the dings in the wasn't necessary, but I thought I needed to do it. I sanded it, and applied a skim coat of epoxy, I rolled it on and tipped it with a foam brush. Last week I finally got time for varnish, and applied one good coat of fresh varnish. I really don't feel like putting more coats of varnish on, and am looking for opinions. The boat is put back in my basement after every use, so it isn't exposed to the sun while it waits to be used again. Would anybody bother with a second, third, or forth coat of varnish before use. The finish with one coat is actually very nice. Another question does a finished weight of 43.8 pounds sound about right for that boat...  Thank you.      Duuane

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RE: More varnish or not?


Depends on how much you care about the bright finish. Structurally you should be fine, especially if you don't transport the boat bottom-up and are willing to do an annual epoxy touch-up. The problem will be if you care about the finish changing color. If you want to keep the current color, add more varnish. If you don't mind a little yellowing over time, stick with your plan.

In answer to your question, somebody out there would bother. I heard of one extreme case with 15 coats of varnish.

Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of just a graphite/epoxy coat for the bottom. It sounds as if it may fit your needs better than a bright finish. It's easy to apply, easy to touch up and needs no varnish ever.

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