Fishing rod holder attachment

I have not received my Chesapeake 17lt kit yet, but thought that I might add a fishing rod holder. However I am worried that the torque of a fish strike may damage the kayak. I am not building this to fish out of, but in the waters I plan to use this, there is the possibility of hooking tuna or other game fish that can really be fun. Of course, I can adjust drag, etc. to allow for a controlled strike. I am interested in knowing if others have outfitted their kayaks for fishing and how I might reinforce the necessary areas of the kayak? I have seen 2 styles of rod holders: one is a tube that pierces the deck and is bolted to the deck and the other is bolted to the deck and holds the rod above it.

Any input?


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RE: Fishing rod holder attachment

Your wood yak is just as if not stronger than a production glass yak.  So you need to look at the holders themselves.  They both have pros & cons.  If you are looking at trolling, then I would use the recess type.  The con is that you want to mount them behind you so your rods don't get in the way of paddling, so if you do get a strike, you have to reach behind you to lift it out of the holder while a fish is pulling on it.  Not always easy.  The "Scotty" mount is used more for transporting your rods to your favorite fishing hole.  A really big strike could break the stem, or pull the little mounting block out of your yak.

Now this advise is from a man who uses his yak to get out to the spoils, or flats, digs his fly rod out of his hatch, and settles in for snook, trout, or reds.

RE: Fishing rod holder attachment

I'm in the process of completing a WD12 and plan to install a Scotty mount in front of the cockpit.  I plan to use it for trolling as well as transport of a fly rod (mostly trout and an occasional salmon).

While attending the Wooden Boat show in Port Townsend this past summer, I asked several of the CLC staff if they would modify the build to support the rod holder.  I got two suggestions (and they were suggestions, not guarantees) - 1)  an additional layer of plywood under the deck for extra support; or 2) adding fiberglass under the deck for extra support.  I went with #2.  The build calls for glassing the top of the deck, but no glass on the underside.  I added two layers of 4 oz glass to the underside. 

Should I be thinking of anything else?

There are also two options for mounts - One attaches to the top of the deck with 4 screws (the one shown in the CLC catalogue).  The other sits flush on the deck, is attached with 4 screws and has a center post (about 1 inch in diameter) that goes thru the deck. 

I can't decide if the flush mount adds strength or if drilling the hole for the center post compromises the deck yielding a net loss of strength.  Any thoughts on which will work best? 

thanks, Phil

RE: Fishing rod holder attachment

Thanks Kayakkev and Phil. At this point I think I'll use the type that pierces the hull. Phil, does glassing the underside of the deck add a lot of weight?



RE: Fishing rod holder attachment

Both will work, keep in mind that the one that goes through the deck

wiil have your reel closer to the salt water which is harsh on reels.  I would

use a Scotty's flush mount with a scotty's rod holder. This would elevate

reel about 4 inches higher than the deck.

RE: Fishing rod holder attachment

I have not even started to build my kayak yet - but i do have a glass one that i use for fishing every week.  The insert holders are fine for transporting your rods but not much else. Unless you get a major hit you will never see a small hit on a rod behind you. The above deck scotty is the best way to go. You can adjust the angle of the rod over water so the line is  away from you as you paddle. Find a way to use this type of holder for serious fishing.  You might also look at the rod and fish finder bar from scotty, Best fishermen tool you can have on kayak of any kind. All of my fishing is out in the Pacific, so these things are really needed.

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