rubbing a coat of epoxy?

 i am getting ready to put the top and bottom half of my night heron together.  before doing that, i did a lot of touch up sanding on the inside to get rid of runs and any rough spots.

now that i am done sanding, i wanted to 'rub' one final coat of epoxy on the that i don't have any sanded/dusty surface and to make everything transparent again.

can anybody recommend how to do this, what kind of cloth or brush to use.  am not looking for a fill-coat or to add any substantial weight.  its more to just get rid of the 'sanded' look.




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RE: rubbing a coat of epoxy?

A coat or two of varnish will restore the transparent look of the surface, add UV protection, and will leave a smoother finish than recoating with epoxy will.

Old Yeller

RE: rubbing a coat of epoxy?

   I would get rid of any dust by wipping the inside down with mineral sprits and a clean rag. If you sanded with a fine girt you want to keep the tooth for any varnish you apply over the fiber glass. As noted you will get UV protection that is not possible with expoxy and eventhough this is the interior of the boat and one would not expect much UV damage the cockpit is open and I would store the boat with any hatches open or lose so there could be long term exposure to some interior sections. The varnis also provides a sacrfical sufice subject to nicks and scrathes and is easier to refinish than a new coat of epoxy. Just a little sanding, wiping and finsihing.


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