Puzzled by puzzle joints in Shearwater Sectional

Ok, so you use puzzle joints to assemble the 8' lengths of ply needed to assemble the 14' Shearwater sectional. Then you cut it into 3 sections that are each < 8'. 

I am thinking you want the initial assembly to be fair and true like the regular Shearwater Sport rather than building each section separate and cross your fingers that they align properly?

No plans option for sectional?



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RE: Puzzled by puzzle joints in Shearwater Sectional


You guessed correctly. Two issues. Stich and glue does not have the accuracy to build the three sections seperately and expect to have a fair boat. Also, Even if you built the boat on a strong back with temp bulkheads, it still would be very difficult to get the plywood to bend into a fair curve already cut into sections. The bow and stern sections would end up very triangular and the center section very tubular. Where they joined would be very ugly.

As you presumed, building as a single structure gets you fair curves. Once the curves are firmly "locked" (glued) in, one can safely cut the boat into sections and retain the designed curves.

Good luck and have fun with your build!


RE: Puzzled by puzzle joints in Shearwater Sectional

 Ditto what Joel said.  As nice as it would be (given a tight shop space) to build the Shearwater Sectional in three separate pieces, you'd never get a fair hull out of it, even with complex jigs or molds.  So the puzzle joints just fall where they may, and don't bear any relation to the take-apart joints in the Sectional.

Unless you know to look for it, you can't make out that the Shearwater Sectional comes apart:

As for Shearwater Sectional plans, that's just a permutation that we have not yet finished.  A good set of plans isn't auto-generated in the computer;  they are frightfully complex graphic-design projects undertaken by humans.  So we always have a backlog of boats that aren't available in the form of plans for scratch-builders.  We'll get to those eventually.  


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