I would like to try a graphite/epoxy bottom on a new build.  Should I do the standard 3 coats epoxy then graphite mix?  Or could I do one coat epoxy to cover the fiberglass and then go to two coats of the graphite/epoxy mix?



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RE: Graphite

On my WD12, I did the following:

1. Wet out the glass

2. Fill the weave with a microballoon/epoxy slurry

3. 2 coats graphite/epoxy

Fine line tape for the edges, no sanding between layers. It worked out well.



RE: Graphite

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but here goes:  When using graphite in epoxy like in the above posts, is it still necessary to apply a UV protection layer, like varnish or paint?  My guess is yes, but one never knows....

RE: Graphite

Actually, Casey, it's no.The graphite provides all the UV protection needed.



RE: Graphite

My plan, should Laszlo choose to accept it, is to wet out the glass.  After 8 hr. periods I will apply coats to the sides which I want bright.  After a day or so I will put on the fine line tape and proceed with steps 2 & 3. 

Is it okay to let the bottom hull cure for a day while I am working on the sides? 

RE: Graphite

Interestingly enough, I just used graphite on the bottom of my passagemaker and did it pretty much the way that laszlo described except that I didn't use microballoons when filling in the weave. I simply used two coats of clear epoxy and then two coats of the graphite epoxy. So far, it has worked out great. but, I only launched her a few weeks ago. 


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