Titebond III glue

I made a canoe paddle for my niece using this glue as it states that it is waterproof.  Given that the paddle will be in and out of the water, and not continuously submerged, do I need to coat this with fiberglass/epoxy or will it survive as is.  I was going to stain it with danish oil until I had second thoughts about the glue.



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RE: Titebond III glue

   I called Titebond and was told that Titebond III should work fine for a paddle, in case anyone was interested.

RE: Titebond III glue

   Titebond is a great glue, but will allow creep if you are shaping a paddle under tension. Better to use epoxy in such a situation.

RE: Titebond III glue

It will survive with an oiled surface. 

It will survive longer with a couple coats of varnish vs oiled. 

It will survive longer still with a couple coats of epoxy with a cover coat of varnish. 


See the trend? 

RE: Titebond III glue

The paddle in question is this one, and I think I'll have her varnish it after the oil has had a chance to dry.

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