Staining Okoume

I received my Chesapeake 18 hybrid kit and due to some confusion with my order I only have light and dark cedar with most being light. I have to rethink my color scheme to blend these two colors of the deck to match up with the okoume hull and as much as I like the okoume I just dont see the hull color blending too well with the two cedar colors. 

Using the Solor-Lux stain I would like to get the okoume hull color as close to the dark cedar color (a bit lighter rather than darker). Knowing that stained wood final color is affected by the base wood color, does anyone know which stain might bring the okoume closest to the dark cedar? 

 I'd stain some of the light cedar but from what I have read thats not suggested. 

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RE: Staining Okoume

   Contact CLC. They will make it right. My order was short the dark cedar but they got me enough to make the pattern I wanted. When I was done with the deck I had like 1 1/4" of dark cedar left. lol

RE: Staining Okoume

"Contact CLC. They will make it right." 

I have, but no response. That's why I am here.  

RE: Staining Okoume

i would try contacting them again if you did not get a response.  i had a similar situation to kayakris above and clc sent along the strips that i was short.

no response, based on my history with clc which goes over some 15 years, means you either did not leave the message where you thought or it simply got lost. 

happy to give you ideas about staining but sounds like you really need a response first in order to see where you really stand.

that said, the only other thing i would mention is that there is a lot of variation in cedar color.  it is much less consistent than Okoume.  dark can range from very dark to medium.  light can range from light to medium and medium can vary from light to dark even within a single strip.   if your objective is to 'match' the might want to be explicit that that is the colour/tone you are looking for.  i am sure they will do their best.    staining can pull everything together and reduce the variation.   but if you are really looking for a 'match' of the hull and the deck, you would probably want to stain the okoume as well as the cedar.




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