Boat 02 is weighing on me

Through boat Numbers 01 and 02, I have learned a lot about building a boat. Boat No. 02 continues to teach me that I am far from expert at this.

The little jig I made to do the puzzle joints worked great. It was a total failure for laminating bulkheads. Then, today I put a clean hole through a bulkhead while trying to fix a lamination problem. I am counting on fillets to cover a couple of mistakes.

The big lesson from Boat 01 that I thought I had mitigated was not to build outside. I thought I had mitigated it via experience on Boat 01 that would let me do Boat 02 a little faster: maybe so, but not fast enough. When you can only work on the boat during free Saturdays and Sundays in a friend's detatched garage 45 minutes away, there are not a large number of days in the outdoor building season. Boat 01 was built in a shipping container that was 15 minutes away. I definitely was not doing the container again; the garage is a huge improvement. Electricity is very helpful too.

Summer is ebbing quickly here and I am trying to get things done so I can actually finish this boat in the spring. I will be stitching everything together tomorrow (Sunday). At least it will look like a boat instead of a plank collection. The forecast calls for Monday night to be 47F (which is a little cool for late September, but it is what it is). I plan to tack it together next weekend. After that workdays will be hit or miss until spring.

Another lesson from Boat 01 is not to have a rigid schedule. Fortunately I have internalized that. I hope to be able to do some fillets and interior fiberglass in early October but if not, then spring is coming.

I started telling my interns at work that if they are going to be crushed when they put a lot of time into a project and then I change direction and never use it, then this is the wrong job for them. We try things and then adapt when we see what we have. I try to move my own advice over to this boatbuilding hobby. I tell myself mistakes just mean something different has to happen. (That doesn't make mistakes enjoyable.) I'd never have started Boat 02 if I thought it would go like No. 01. Boat 01 was frustrating from the start (when I drove 175 miles to CLC and the kit wouldn't fit into my car and had to be shipped) to the finish. Boat 02 has gone much better. Experience does count. I know Boat 03 won't be far off once 02 passes its sea trials. But Boat 02 is weighing on me right now.


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RE: Boat 02 is weighing on me

Sometimes it is boat 5 or 6. I was in a rush, trying to cut close, but just outside the lines, then opps. I cut about a 2 inch long scallop inside the lines by about 1/8th of an inch. Then all you can do is sit back and fuss at yourself for hurrying too much.

The good thing is that you have your experience from boat 1. Sounds like you have made some course corrections already. Hold on and enjoy the ride. It will be over soon enough. Good Luck. JRC

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