planning to build Annapolis Wherry

I have two questions:
1. In terms of building time, how many work hours do you think it takes to build the Annapolis.  Be generous in your estimate as I have never built anything like this, but do have basic talents when it comes to hands-on stuff.
2. What are the major tools I would need to accomplish building this kit?  I recon I would need a lot of clamps, what else do you recommend getting.  Workspace wise, would I need to construct a large table or do sawhorses suffice?  
Thanks for answering and giving any tips before I commit to something major as this.  (I have family and full-time job, planning is important, especially regarding time.)

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RE: planning to build Annapolis Wherry


i have built an annapolis wherry and i would suggest between 120 to 180 hours total build time.  i was able to complete the project with three kids, happy marriage and dog and cat in a six month period putting in a couple hours a night several nights a week.

the actual hull comes together relatively fast.  the annapolis wherry is often 'built' in the one-week class so you can call that 40 hours for ease of estimating.  that said, what happens in the class would be basically getting the structure together but not the finish sanding/painting which can eat up a lot of time depending on how nice a finish you are looking to get.  in the class, as well, you don't have the time setting up your shop and other miscellaneous activities that will eat time.

the annapolis wherry does not require much in the way of tools as all the panels are cnc cut and wired together and the boat basically 'pops' into shape.  the major concern is twisting so you need a good set of levels to ensure the boat is level side to side.   so on tools, drill, saw, clamps, ros sander, wire cutters will get you through the project.  am probably forgetting something....but nothing exotic required.    the wherry is easily built on pretty easy from a shop set-up perspective as well.  the key item are glueing up your panels (easier now with puzzle joints) and like i was saying, stitch it together and it basically pops into shape.

from a complexity perspective, it's a bit more complicated than the beginner stitch and glues...but that is mostly driven by more panels/more work.  but i did not feel it had anything particularly taxing about it.  there are plenty of video's and builders who have documente their build to get you through it with great results if you are patient and careful.



RE: planning to build Annapolis Wherry

Thank you hspira.  It sounds hopeful then...

Very helpful reply and helps me thinking ahead.


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