carbon tape on dory bow/skeg

 I am thinking of putting carbon fiber tape on the bow and skeg of my dory. I have followed another builder's forum (thanks Curt) quite extensively and don't think I want to apply epoxy rope as a sacrificial edge. Will I achieve a similar barrier with extra tape and epoxy or do I need the thickness of the rope for hard bumps. I will be launching from concrete ramps and large rocks along the beach.  I am also going to use graphite in the cover coats of bottom epoxy and up 3-4 inches on the bow stem. No bottom paint just side hull paint.  Thoughts please.

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RE: carbon tape on dory bow/skeg

carbon fibre does not make a particulary effective rub-strip...though it may be attractive.

consider dynel which has excellent abbrassion properties.  you can add graphite to the epoxy you use to lay it up and it will have a nice black look.

given the size of the dory consider buying a large piece of dynel from Jamestown distributors.   this will save you money relative to the rub-strip kit from clc which is economical.....but only when you need really small quantities.

another approach is a sacrificial strip of wood or plastic... this would be expected to get scratched up/worn down and then replaced....kind of like re-soling a shoe.  exact materials i can't recall....but a little internet search will come up with some suggestions.

final approach (particularly for the skeg it to lay in a 1/4 to 3/8 inch layer of woodflour thickened epoxy and fair it in.  this is pretty durable and easy to re-do after a couple seasons where it gets nicked.

you might consider mixing the techniques...a rub strip for the bow (which is really getting abraided) and the woodflour thickened epoxy leading edge for the skeg which is really about impact resilience.




RE: carbon tape on dory bow/skeg

I was a little concerned about the unprotected bow of my Peeler Skiff so I put a stainless half-round inder the glass there.  So far it's worked very well.  It did take a cobalt steel bit to drill the holes for the bow eye.

For abrasion resistance, I've always found Dynel fabric to be superior to glass fabric.  I've not tried carbon fiber.  It has great tensile strength, but it's not known for abrasion resistance.


RE: carbon tape on dory bow/skeg

   yes the material used should be strong enough to bear very well the tear and wear caused by abrasion and I found carbon fibre and  thin, long steel is very good being metallic with large tensile strength.

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