Planing Shear clamps

I am at the stage of planing my shear clamps for my Chesapeake 18 hybrid. Everything is fine, however the shear clamps rest 1/4" above the sides (per shear clamp epoxy directions). The 16" and 24" radius templates used for planing the shear clamps match up in specific areas at the stern and aft of the hull. If I dont plane those areas then in essence I will have a 1/4" shear clamp sticking up beyond the keel wall. Seems like it will leave a gap. Again, I am installing a strip plank deck, even though in my mind that is no different than if I was installing the plywood deck when it comes to this.

So do I plane the shear clamps all the way down to the walls?



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RE: Planing Shear clamps


sheerclamp basically gets planed down such that when you fit the deck, deck and hull panels mate up...and sheerclamp disappears from any outside view.   it just stays under the deck....and expands the glueing footprint of deck to hull.




RE: Planing Shear clamps

   Awesome...thanks! A small detail left out of the instructions. 

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