Advice on Chester Yawl seam crack repair

During the course of routine winter maintenance, I turned my boat over and discovered a thin hairline crack on the bow exterior, running a couple of strakes above the waterline & a foot or so from the bow. Pressing it lightly with a finger, part of it closed... So sanded down through the paint to get a better look. Hopefully the pics get attached ok

I then attached a bright lite to the crack and peered through bulkhead porthole and didn't see any light coming through.

Not sure what caused it, no recall or signs of big knocks on the bow. But the rear of the boat did receive a hard hit a couple of years ago, cracking the transom panel. Wild guess...  a non-glassed portion of hull and the strakes probaby subject to a lot of twist pressure that close to the bow, maybe just a weak spot, who knows. The pics show that while the crack runs along the lap seam, the epoxy fillet has not separated but the Okoume along the edges has.

Unless advised otherwise, I'll just fill the fairly thin gap with some thickened epoxy ( not closing it to allow more room for epoxy...) and hope that's enough to fix it and keep it from spreading any further.

Thanks ahead of time for your input-

cheers, Peter

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RE: Advice on Chester Yawl seam crack repair

   Prior to filling the crack I would drill a small hole at each end of it. Sometimes that will stop the crack from growing.  In your middle photo it sure looks like something impacted there. 

RE: Advice on Chester Yawl seam crack repair

   Thanks for the reply - I'll consider drilling a hole on each end. And yes, I saw/see the ding but I don't recall an impact hard enough to cause a crack like that and the ding itself doesn't penetrate the paint... but perhaps you're correct & maybe that's what popped the laps apart. Better that than some mysterious, paranoia-inducing structural forces at work -:)

RE: Advice on Chester Yawl seam crack repair

Looks like impact damage.  Just clear away the paint and dribble in some unthickened epoxy, then freshen up the paint.  

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