Over the hump , yawl ?

ive been working on my Chester Yawl for a long, long time off and on. Mostly a few weeks each winter. Last year I blew out my lower back which I partially attribute to so much stooping as I wired up my hull. But now I'm back ! My hull is now all wired up and it's time for epoxy. So I'm wondering, am I over the hump as far as the tedious work ? 

Thoughts ? 

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RE: Over the hump , yawl ?


Depends what you think is tedious. Some folks like the wiring, but find sanding tedious. Some find varnishing tedious. Glass and epoxy work... Certainly your project looks like a boat 80% done now, but like all projects the last 20% takes 90% of the time. Sooooo, do your back exercises, and enjoy the boat biulding journey.

RE: Over the hump , yawl ?

Hi Paul, my 74 year old back loves the roll around shop stool I use for about everything through several builds. Get one, your back will love you for it. SEEYA Jack   

RE: Over the hump , yawl ?

If the boat isn't on a stand/sawhorses, maybe you can do that to prevent any need to bend over? I finally had to take a weekend off from my own build to get the shop squared away with enough tables, sawhorses, etc. Well worth the initial investment in time.

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