Kaholo 12-6 changes

I have finished my Kaholo 12-6 and wanted to pass on a few minor changes to a really well planned kit. I have never built a boat before, but have 50 years experience building and repairing furnture.

1.  The fillet over the butt/edge joint between the bottom and side from the bow to bulkhead 1 did not seem strong enough to withstand the choppy water I paddle in so I added a two inch wide strip of fiberglass inside the boat over the fillet from bow to bulkhead 1.

2.  My grandchildrens' arms are not yet long enough to reach the handle in the center of the boat, so I added sheer clamp cutoff reinforcements to bulkheads 1 and 10.  Having handles at the bow and stern gives me a place to attach leashes and makes it easy for two grandchildren to carry the boat.

3.  To trim the raggedy joint between the deck and side after glassing the hull, I used a 3/8 inch roundoff router bit with a guide bearing and got a smooth surface ready for sanding.  No sheer clamp white stripe was exposed this way.

4.  The MAS dispenser on the resin bottle was stingy and often delivered only 3/4 of a pump of resin.  You have to wait for the handle to come all the way up, or pull it up to get a full pump of resin. At the end I had a pint of resin left but no hardener left.

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RE: Kaholo 12-6 changes

   An additional note to Item 3 above:  The same 3/8 inch roundoff router bit with guide bearing mentioned above worked well to trim the overhanging edge of the deck flush with the sides when it is first glued to the bulkheads, stringers and sheer clamps.  The smooth curve of the top where it meets the side panel required only minimal sanding before putting the fiberglass on.

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