Sassafras 16, Build

I am posting a link to my highly modified Sassafras 16 built from the plans in the "The Canoe Shop" book.  This is my second CLC boat.

Check out my build pictures.


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RE: Sassafras 16, Build

Looks beautiful!  I'm a saltwater boat guy, but the Sassafras keeps tugging at me.  Do you know how many hours you put into her?



RE: Sassafras 16, Build

Nice work. Looks great. Good luck with your adventures. JRC   

RE: Sassafras 16, Build

´┐ŻLove the deck on this Sassafras. Can you describe how you use the brass tacks? I've seen the hardware around, but wouldn't most of them stick out on the other side? Did you add some kind of backing material?

RE: Sassafras 16, Build


I made the deck from two pieces of 3/4 inch thick hard maple.  Each breast hook is made from two pieces and they are cambered.  The darker wood is cherry around an eighth of an inch thick.  The cherry is bonded with epoxy.  I added decorative round head brass screw just because I liked the look.  The screws are 5/8 inch long.  The curved trim is also cherry.


RE: Sassafras 16, Build

   I like the look of the deck. Nice job. The Skerry looks tastey too.

RE: Sassafras 16, Build

   Nice build, looks like a cool boat!

RE: Sassafras 16, Build

   JM you are one heck of a craftsman!  I have saved your photos of your skerry build and modifications in hopes of duplicating some of your mods on my NE Dory.  That is one pretty boat!  Your Sassafras is equally as well built.  Congrats on showing us journeymen how a pro does it!

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