NE Dory just starting new project

Haven't even opened the boxes yet. Starting a new dory build. Going back and forth between Dunedin and Jupiter Fl, so it's going to take awhile. I hope to sail the EC next year as well as have fun messing about locally. Have lots of experience sailing and racing Chesapeake bay log canoes. But it's been awhile. Can't stay away from boats too long! 

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RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Good on ya. Search for threads by Moonchaser and dig around for the link to his Dory build photo journal. Nice adjunct to the manual.

Have fun,


RE: NE Dory just starting new project

Eric,  I'm humbled...thanks for the kind words.

Buzzard,  Realize my notes are just one builder's ramblings and may not be the best method!    If you havent built a stich and glue boat before, a valuable resource is the CLC "Tips for boat Builders" then "shop tips" Also the "video clips" and also all 5 of the article groupings.  You may want to take a few hours a day and view/read all of them before your build, even though they are not all about dorys, they will apply or are at least interesting.

You can also search Youtube...there are lots of good videos showing completed dorys for ideas

Good luck!  (and here's my photo journal)




RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   thanks,  the building journals have been great... started gluing up some of the parts... going well.. im thinking about using the larger lug sail from the Oz racer..

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

Moonchaser, your photo journal is priceless.  Thank you.

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   i' m ordering mine in a couple weeks, i'm shooting for 2017 everglades challenge [ need some time to learn to sail]

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Making some progress! Very exciting!

wierd, glued, flipped and de-wired... The transom was a little challenging..and the stem has a slight wiggle .. But nothing serious... Does the fiberglass cloth come as one big piece ? Or how should it be cut so as to ensure having a piece long enough for the bottom?

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

Moonchaser, Photos put it all in perspective, on what next to look for, Thanks!   

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

i can't make next years ec but my dory's arriving today i'll race you to first boat on the water!!

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

I am doing a long distance build on time off, but plan on launching this summer neawr Tampa,FL... good luck with your project

The Everglades Challenge had its issues this year. Im waiting to see what the future brings.  From my perspective many of the class IV boats would fall into the " round the buoys" class?  adding sail area, trapeezes, bowsprits, hiking platforms, spinakers does not sound like expedition type boats.

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   I built a sloop rigged NE dory last year and spent last summer learning to sail.  A great boat to sail as well as build.


If I could do it again....

I would opt for building rails like Curt did.  They are needed to strap things down.  I ended up putting a few bronze attachment points for this.  Plus the rails looks great.

I'm not sure I would have made the center seat removable.  If I knew that I never need to remove it as I know now... I would have built it being non-removable.  The big wing nuts get caught on lines.

I would have put a thin piece of plywood on the foam that faces aft on the seat closest to the dagger board.  I end up kicking this foam and have successfully put a few dings in it.  Not a big deal.  Heck, I might have even left this piece of foam out.

Reef points for the flexibility.

Kick up rudder.  I didn't learn of this mod until just recently and have since ordered it.  I consider a great upgrade for beaching (which I do often).

Graphite the hull.  I put it on mine and love it.  Wish I had gone a bit further up the hull.  A must for the dagger board and below waterline of the rudder.

So glad I got the nonskid mats for the boat. 

Brass cleats instead of the plastic ones.

A leather wrapping on the tiller where it rubs the rails.

Not a big fan of the attachment method of the tiller to the rudder.  I wish it was a pin of some type.



RE: NE Dory just starting new project

Tim,  good pointers..  I  have the kick up rudder.   Not sure about the inner rails yet.   how about running a line through some holes in the frames?

leather on the wear points is good..  and i plan on getting the non skid mats..

graphite seems a bit overkill.. is it easier just to touch up the paint, it already has glass and epoxy?     i like the idea of fixing the middle thwart like the others... those knkobs are hideous.  

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Ok, progress.. Inside bottom glassed and filleted .., breast hook glued,, next flip and finish laps, stem and transom.. Glue up rails!!



RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Rail scarfs glued.. I like using a couple of  1" brads to keep the scarfs aligned while clamping !  Glue a rail to the boat next..

RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Great work Buzz... I am a bit jellous. I have just finished the "clear a spot to work and build a workbench" stage. I have taken all the items out of boxes and am reading through the manuel once.. so progress has not started yet.


RE: NE Dory just starting new project

   Okay! One layer of rails glued on.. Took some bench projects to put together until next time!  Lots of fun!!  One oar built from some clear cypress I found at Home Depot ! 

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