Stripping a hybrid

I am currently in the process of my first build, a Wood Duck 12 Hybrid.  I have begun the stripping phase, having decided on the same design as described in the manual, two foundation strips running around the entire circumference of the boat with a kingplank.  The first strip went well until I encountered the severe bend in the stern.  As I tried to tack the strip to the deck forms the tacks "blew out" the forms.  Tried three times, then tucked my tail and ran !!  Any suggestions on how to fix this problem and keep it from occuring again ?  I was set on this design but am now reconsidering, thinking of a more simple approach such as working from centerline out, eliminating the foundation strips, therefore eliminating a lot of fitting for my rookie skill set !

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Stripping a hybrid

   External Clamps!  These can be various C clamps (with scrap wood between the clamp head and your project, to prevent "embossing"), twine, or even reinforced strapping tape.  Frequently, staples alone will be insufficient to hold strips in place in these high-tension locations.  Once you have additional strips in place, and the glue sets, the strips hold each other in place.

If you don't have any clamps, and are unwilling to go the investment, use really thin wood-screws, knowing that you will need to fill the hole before you glass.


I've gone to staple-less construction, but that requires an assortment of clamps, the acquisition of which borders on obsessive compulsive behavior.

RE: Stripping a hybrid

You can also try to heat the strips in high tension areas with a heat gun or clothes iron (steam on) prior to setting them to help them fall into place eaiser and hold form while glue sets. When using a heat gun wipe a damp rag over the area (damp not wet)  then apply heat, or use an iron with a low steam setting on.

For stapless stripping I prefer hot glue (as tack welds) and clamps.

My last strip build was nearly 12 years ago so I'm guessing there are a lot of great new techniques by the young bright minds of todays builders. I can't wait to hear some more.


RE: Stripping a hybrid

You can never have too many clamps...............unless you talk to my wife. 

RE: Stripping a hybrid

   Perhaps you could negotiate an arrangement where every time she buys a new pair of shoes, you get to buy 5 or 10 new clamps.

Every body happy except the bank account.


RE: Stripping a hybrid

  Greetings Bob,

I'm late to this post but I too am building a WD12 hybrid and ran into the same problems that you described. After 3 frustrating sessions, I decided to build my deck from the king plank down using ca glue. I recently talked to Nick Schade about it who encouraged me to continue with my plan. I've finished stripping the deck, lifted it off and started sanding the underside. When all the work is done, if I don't like the look of the deck/sheer joint, I will run a strip of  2 inch carbon tape over it to make it more pleasing to my eye. The only down side that I can imagine is that in removing the deck from the temporary forms, it is probably more prone to spreading out and fragile without the lateral tension (framing) of the of the sheer planks.  I've had to re-align and re-glue some of the strips but not a big problem when using ca. Wherever you are with your WD12, I hope it all worked out well for you. 

RE: Stripping a hybrid


RE: Stripping a hybrid

   More clamps

RE: Stripping a hybrid

   My finished wood duck

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