Possible Pocket change?

Today (March1st) on the CLC cam I see a double ended boat with dual dagger board slots being worked on. I'm wondering if this might be a prototype of John's Pocket Change design which he described on his Lug Rig "Life of Boats". It is to be a simplified version of the Pocket Ship. It has a cabin for overnighters and water ballast....which John is exploring lately. What ja think?




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RE: Possible Pocket change?

Alas, no.  Absent a formal commission, "Pocket Change" remains vaporware.

The boat visible on the ShopCam is a 20-foot sharpie.  Our colleagues the Caves, father and son, have been building that one to use as a family daysailer, at the gentle pace of one hour per month since about 2007.

While I'm sure it will sail well, it's not an easy boat to build and there is absolutely no intention of adding this design to the CLC repertory.   

20-foot Sharpie by John C. Harris 



RE: Possible Pocket change?

Is that the NED's deck in the foreground?



RE: Possible Pocket change?

'Tis.  A certain dummy, first initial J, last initial H, dropped the deck assembly and broke it.  

Rail and leeboard glued on now, and the proportions begin to make more sense.

Nesting Expedition Dinghy by Chesapeake Light Craft 

All the juicy details on John's whimsical camp-cruiser project.

RE: Possible Pocket change?

I think after the success of the Peeler Skiff CLC is continuing to dabble in motorized transport. This is obviously a baby paddle wheeler...

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