Dory adventure story in the press

Current issue of a periodical intending to Advise people about Small Craft has a story written by a fellow who sailed/rowed his NE Dory Up the Colombia River 400 odd miles. Quite a feat and an interesting story, as much for what was between the lines as in them. The classified section of the same issue has the same dory for sale with the pitch "outfitted for adventure". There's more story there to be sure!

The NE Dory looks like a really popular boat for this kind of thing. Would it be appropriate to have a Thread of Adventure on the Builders Forum? Anyone have a short entry on wild places they've gone, why the NE Dory and mods that make it a better boat for adventure?

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RE: Dory adventure story in the press

   I have a NE Dory, so I was intriguied about his voyage on the Columbia. I tracked him down by e-mail, and he was kind to answer my questions. His dory is for sale because he has built a Sooty Tern, an Lian Oughtred design, for his next adventures.


RE: Dory adventure story in the press

   I live near the Columbia river. If flows downhill from Canada. Lots of dams to go around. The lakes behind the dams are pretty benign to sail in or row. I would hate to go up the river from the saltwater. There is some spots with serious current, not dangerous but stronger than you can row. The prevailing winds are S, SW, W so sailing upstream(up lake) seems pretty feasible. The fellow mentioned must have stuck to the lower portion with the locks. The Columbia above the Snake does not have locks

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