Question on Eastport Pram Rabbets

I'm returning to my Eastport Pram after a weeks on other projects and I'm about to cut the rabbets on the strakes. But the directions seem very vague about how they are supposed to be cut. I know how to cut rabbets. but inside/outside, top/bottom of the strakes? Depth?

I think there's a very good chance maybe I'm not looking in the right place and looking over the directions I *think* I see how to do it. But as the directions note, doing this wrong would be quite the heartbreak considering how challenging it was to loft and cut the strakes. Anyway, if anyone can give me some guidance I would truly appreciate it.

So what I think I'm supposed to do is the following.

If the bottom panel and the strakes are laid out flat exactly as they will be assembled, the rabbet is cut on the bottom of each strake judging the bottom as the edge that is pointing down toward the bottom panel and on the side of the strake that will be facing inward into the boat as opposed to outward toward the water.  

Then the rabbets are 3/8 and cut to half the depth of the panel so 3mm?

If anyone can tell me whether I have this right or whether there are clearer directions somewhere else in the manual I am not seeing I'd be greatly obliged. Thank you.

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RE: Question on Eastport Pram Rabbets

   That's exactly right. Bottom inside edges. Have fun!

George K

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