Recommended trailer for sharpie

I'm ordering a trailer for John's Sharpie.  I've forgotten which model is recommended (by John, in particular).  Can someone jog my memory?

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RE: Recommended trailer for sharpie

Oh-oh. Camper's back. Can Kurt Maurer be far behind?

Seriously, though, welcome back man! We missed you. Since you're asling about a trailer, I'm assuming that a launch is coming up soon. Good to hear.

Anyway, to answer your question, for my 18-ft sharpie (which has similar dimensions to John's Sharpie) I used a Trailex SUT-200-S. My boat weighs about 80 lbs more than the CLC design due to the 100 lbs of lead in the 3-ft drop keel. As a result, it technically exceeds the capacity of the 200-S.However, the guy at Trailex told me that if I over-inflated the tires to 20 psi it'd be fine. It has been.

If I had it to do all over again knowing what I know now, I'd go with the 220-S, but the 200-S is working fine for the moment. Either would probably work for you.

Have fun and post launch pics,




RE: Recommended trailer for sharpie

Hey may have seen the posts where there was confusion on my part about the 200 trailer.  My memory was that the 200 does not have leaf springs like the 220 does but I was corrected that the 200 does now have springs. Perhaps at one time it didnt have springs.  In that picture you posted, it looks like the version I remember that has solid rubber bushings but no leaf springs.  Is that correct? 


RE: Recommended trailer for sharpie

That is correct, Curt. Mine is the old one with the little bits of rubber instead of the springs.



RE: Recommended trailer for sharpie


Thanks L. and Curt.  Just what I needed!

Yes, by logic, we are moving to launch and therefore are ordering the trailer.  But in fact, I am ordering the trailer in order to restart motion toward the launch.  When I retired I set three goals and finishing John's Sharpie was one.  But I should mention that the projected launch date has not moved a day since I began: she'll be wet by August.

Long, rambling, irrelevant personal aside:   No worries, KM's gone missing before; he's known to be easily distracted by hurricanes and the like. I've forgotten most of the other names now (I only remember a fellow named Pruden out of spite, because John Harris overgenerously awarded him a tie with me on some long-forgotten contest (still have the hat.) When I fell into this Twilight Zone of technical expertise and old-fashioned American brother/sisterhood years ago, I could not have dreamed of sharing space in a sentence with him, especially from its (even then) eminence grise. For a new kid it is great to be an old-timer.  I'm in Havre de Grace occasionally and would appreciate a chance to see the sharpie.

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