NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

I just started my NE Dory in my basement, as that was the only place I could find to build it (the garage is actually too short, stupid cheap builder). I have a sliding glass door in the basement leading up a couple steps to the back yard. From the work location through the door and up the steps is a pretty straight shot.


My question is what is the distanc from the keel to the top of boat... that if I turn the boat on it's side.. will it fit through my slider? the slider opens to 30".

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RE: NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

   Looking at the drawings you should only need about 20 to 24 inches on its' side to clear the opening. . . You should be okay as long as you can angle it enough stem to stern to get past your steps.


RE: NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

   22 high, 57 wide. Scroll all the way down on the dory page, that's what it says you need.

RE: NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

  You will be fine.  See the measurements on the website.   They are a bit buried but will show that you have room.  Just took mine out of my garage loft through a standard door.  Not to worry!



RE: NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

Most sliders have and "active" and "inactive" door panel. They essentiall are the same except for some of the prep holes, ie latch. The inactive door is often just screwed to the frame a few places. The panels just lift up into the head frame tip out from the bottom.  You CAN remove both and have a 60" wide opening.


Helps though, to be able to put them back.     

RE: NorthEast Dory how "high" is it?

The Northeaster Dory easily fits through an ordinary door on its side.  Here's a quick diagram.

CLC Northeaster Dory kit

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