CLC Cradle Boat for a Chessie

Hi all,

I'm building a cradle boat as a coffee table for the living room.  I would also like it to be able to be a dog bed for our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  The issue is the stated payload capacity of the cradle boat: 30 pounds.

Our smaller chessie (Cape Saint Claire, or Claire for short) is 70 pounds, and our larger chessie (Hooper Highwater, or Hooper) is 110 pounds. 

I have some cloth left over from a Kaholo build, and I'm wondering if I could reinforce the cradle boat to be able to take the weight.  Any thoughts?

If there's no way to make it safe, I'll just use it as a coffee table or toy basket.



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RE: CLC Cradle Boat for a Chessie

We have a Flat Coat retriver which is about the same size at 75 pounds.  He would stand on a gunnel, jump on the bow, do somthing destructive from a dead sleep to 90 mph to retrieve  if you even hinted there was a bird, ball or other thing to chase and retrieve. 

I don't think you'd want the rockers on the boat. I'd place it direct on the floor and fasten  widely spaced  "chocks" under the hull.   You can spend a lot of time in the interior finishes, but the dog will need a cushion. Bean bags cover a lot.  Our FC  is getting a little middle age so he doesn't chew any more .............just a little less. 

Knothead takes his seperation anxiety out on his bed..................foam beads everywhere.

I vote for coffee table.

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