Shearwater Sectional from Plans

Finally made some saw dust.

Looking forward to this build with my 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son. Photos available at

So far:

  • First sheet of plans put on plywood and holes punched along lines. Used thumb tacks for first sheet, switching to an awl so holes are easier to spot.
  • Brads tapped into holes.
  • Flexible straight edge used to connect dots between lines.
  • Plywood cut 2mm proud of lines with saber saw. I know a circ saw cuts straighter but we have the 2mm and the sabersaw is easier to handle.

We have 2 more sheets to cut than some butt joints to work on... Any tips are most welcome.


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RE: Shearwater Sectional from Plans

   I will paste some photos here as well, no need to jump to the Shutterfly site.


RE: Shearwater Sectional from Plans

Tracing Plans to wood using brads tapped into pinholes that were pushed through plan.






We have CLC T Shirts, dust masks, safety goggles - need a hair scrunchy though.




Switching to using an awl. We did first sheet of ply with thumb tack. Hard to use and the holes were oh so tiny.

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