2-Hour Galley Box

This is a seriously neat project. I've got to figure out a variant that will work on a WD12 (without dumping a hot lunch into my lap). Perhaps on a float next to the boat? I could start a pot of water boiling and call whatever jumps in Bouillabaisse :-)

I did have one thought about the construction, though. If builders are really in an all-fired hurry, once the fillets are applied they can be smoothed with a chip brush dipped in epoxy. It takes longer to write about it than to do it and leaves the fillets glass smooth. 10-20 seconds of smoothing eliminates many minutes of sanding without having to settle for a rough fillet in the interests of less time spent. Thanks for the project, John.

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RE: 2-Hour Galley Box

It kinda blocks the passageway though. 


I would put a two sets of pintle/gougeons on one end with a cable on the other end. I'd put the gougeons on the inside of the cockpit bulkhead (inside cabin) . The pintles go on the end of the stove assembly.  Then installl eyestrap on the overhead at the appropriate distance so the stove can be mounted paralell to the passage over a bunk. Use a hook with safety closure on the end of the cable to the eyestrap/pad eye.


This way you can come and go without hopping over the stove. Sand in the chowder is a bad thing.

RE: 2-Hour Galley Box

   "eyestrap"..........read "pad eye" instead

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