Sealing a rod holder

I am preparing to install a flush-mounted rod holder on my MC16.5 and would appreciate some advice.  The holder, which is hard plastic, will require a 1 3/8" hole in the rear deck and of course 4 ss throughbolts.  The holder does not have a gasket included so I am wondering, should I cut one, should I just dab it up with silicone sealant, how best to keep occasional water out of the rear compartment underneath?

Any advice is appreciated.


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RE: Sealing a rod holder

I have never installed one but i would think that silicon would be your best bet. Also use the Drill. Fill, Drill method in the tips section

RE: Sealing a rod holder

Ross, Sweb94 is correct about the DFD but rather than silicon you should bed the holder with Fast 4200 Marine Sealant available at West Marine or most hardware stores. This is what is used in the marine industry to bed deck fittings etc. SEEYA Jack

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