Passagemaker kit options

I'd like to make a sailboat which can also double as a rowboat or handle a motor.  The Passagemaker looks like a viable option, but I'm confused about the kit options. Do you have to choose one of these options or can the kit be built with all 3 options?  That wasn't very clear to me on the website.  

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RE: Passagemaker kit options

You start with the "base kit," which gets you everything you need to row, or mount a small outboard.  To this you add the "sailing component kit," your choice of a sloop (two sails) or a lug (one sail).  

The Passagemaker truly can be sailed, rowed, or powered.  It'd be unwieldy to do all three on the same outing, if only because the rudder required for sailing and the outboard need to occupy the same real estate at the stern.  An expedition combining rowing and powering would work fine, or rowing and sailing.  


Passagemaker Dinghy Kit

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