Pre-varnish "wipe-down"


I'm at the point on my kayak where I am ready to hit it with varnish. I'm just wondering what the folks here use to wipe down their projects before they begin.

On the videos, Denatured alcohol is used. What else have you guys used? Would something like paint thinner work? I don't want to damage the epoxy, so any advice is welcome!!

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RE: Pre-varnish "wipe-down"

Denatured alcohol is safer to both you and the epoxy.

Enjoy finishing it all up,



RE: Pre-varnish "wipe-down"


When I was painting my Peeler Skiff, I used Interlux Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 to wipe it down.  Interlux makes a good case for it at  It's not that expensive and it worked very well.



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